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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Raechel, Jan 10, 2014.

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    Jan 10, 2014
    EDIT: This evening, I purchased an LG DVD writer, model GE24NU40. The box stated that it is compatible with Mac. The LG information page states that it is compatible with Mac OS 10.4+. My Mac OS is 10.7.5.

    So far, this DVD writer has been an excellent paper weight. Any help to locate drivers etc. would be appreciated.


    EDIT 2: No drivers required. I just needed to put in a blank disc and open disc utility. I'm too used to the PC world where it recognizes a device with no disc inserted.
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    Lots of links about that DVD writer:

    You might get more help, if you ask an actual question, like:
    Do I need to install any software to use it with a Mac? (probably not)
    Why is the brand name only 2 letters?
    or even some other relevant question :D

    No need to install any drivers on your Mac, it should work simply by plugging it in to a USB port.
    (hint: the drive won't do anything until you insert a disk…)
    Try inserting a disk, and your Mac should ask about formatting a disk, if blank - or the disk will mount on the desktop, assuming your Finder preferences are set to do that. You can also see your drive in Disk Utility, or your System Information/USB tab.
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    Raechel, if you happen to look into this thread again....

    There are a couple of free CD/DVD burning apps out there:
    - Burn
    - SimplyBurns

    Also, there is "Toast Titanium". It's "pay for" software, but the best burning app on the Mac.

    Also, for simple "data burns", do this:
    - In finder File menu, choose "New Burn Folder"
    - Rename the folder to what you want the name of the CD/DVD to be
    - From the finder, drag the items you want to burn and "drop them" into the Burn Folder
    - Arrange them inside as you wish to have them appear on the CD/DVD
    - When ready, put a CD/DVD into the drive, the right-click on the Burn Folder and choose the "burn" option

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