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    I currently got a gig recording game day videos for a local school. Right now, I'm recording with a panasonic digital camera with a firewire 800 cable going straight to my Macbook Pro. I am using iMovie right now to record it "live."

    We saw an other school have a similar setup, but they are also able to stream the video to their coach's iPad. I've asked their video guy, but he didn't want to share his setup. Is there a software or additional hardware that is needed to make this possible? Any advice would be great, and thanks for your help in advance.

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    I'm sorry I'm not sure I can help you with that set up, but speaking as a working cameraman/dop for the last 12 years I just find it infuriating that the other guy won't share his set-up. One should always share knowledge with people that are interested.
    I can point you to a few forums that might have people that can help you

    Very helpfull people

    I'm thinking that it could be done with AirPlay, but you would have to set up a wireless network using an airport express or similar and stream your screen to the iPad. If AirPlay can't do it, maybe you could use Skype on both machines and just share the screen? I used to do that when editing in final cut in the older days.
    Good luck with the shoot

    PS remember to record to the camera as well in case anything goes wrong with the live capture

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