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    Hey everyone, I'm busy doing a presentation in Keynote '08. When I record the presentation with narration, my vocals sound a little harsh. I'm using the built in mic with my iMac. The sound is reasonable but it could do with some warming up. Is there any way to use an effect on my vocals in Keynote or am I gonna have to record this separately and use garageband or logic express?

    Any help appreciated.
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    Jun 10, 2007
    Exported to Garageband but GARAGEBAND HAS BUGS I THINK!

    Thought I would post this back just in case anyone else ever finds themselves in a similar position.

    There is no facility as far as I'm aware to alter your vocal track in keynote. What I mean by altering is, adding vocal warmth to your vocal narration or a little re-verb for instance. The only thing I could do was to export the presentation to Garageband. I did my timings and recorded the presentation first. My vocal track didn't get exported and I had to re-do it in Garageband. I actually preferred this in a way.


    This worked but it wasn't very clear in any of the instructions or help files that I found. Not very impressed about that... Maybe that was just me though, I dunno?

    ***One word of warning, I ran across this little error in Garageband. I simply had the presentation and a few other files stored on the desktop temporarily. I ended up moving them to the designated folder and continued on with my narration. Once I was ready to export it all to movie format, the export appeared to go through but no file was output! Tried this a few times with no success. There was NO error message!

    Then I moved the files back to the desktop and it worked!

    I get why it happened and I realise it was my own stupid fault but I think that's bad BAD programming. Surely it aint that difficult to write up an error message?

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