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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by harleymhs, Jul 21, 2015.

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    Hey guys, I am looking for some help. I have a Micro SD card that I would like to watch the Jpegs and Mp4's and .Mov from this micro SD card to my TV..( I do have an adapter to go from micro to SD ) and one to go from micro to usb ) I do not have a SD reader on the TV, and the USB ports on the TV do not work with this.. ( Samsung said it doesn't support MP4 ) I also tried Western Digital's WD TV Media player.. That worked so so. not stable. Is there any other media players out there that I can hook up with an HDMI cable to my tv and watch these videos and pics on my TV? Someone said to get a blue ray player that has a SD card slot, I have yet to find one that wasn't 200$ .. I was thinking about trying ROKU 2 .. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks in advance!
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    I'm confused. You say that Samsung "says" that it does not support MP4? Certainly many models of Samsung TVs support MP4. Which model do you have?

    BTW, the Samsung user manuals that I have show that standard MPEG-4 video uses the .mpeg extension. Change your MP4 extensions to .mpeg and see what happens.

    Why do you not consider the Apple TV? It can connect to your TV via HDMI and play anything on your Mac. Anything.

    Samsung TVs support DLNA media networking through AllShare™. There are numerous DLNA-compliant servers available for the Mac, some of them free. Why not go that route?
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