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Oct 24, 2011
Basically, I'm an Apple fan. I would shift to an IT course with a specialization in game design. Hopefully, next year June I would be a frosh again :D

First I would like to ask will the MBP 13/15 in do good for me if I buy it this year before December? No not the retina one. I decided to go with the laptop now so that I can have the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 when it arrives :D (probably around December)

The college is just a walk away so transportation is not a problem. Actually, it's just beside us.

To give you a better idea, I prefer to be on the artistic side in developing games - concept arts, 3d models, etc. But I will also have to familiarize myself in programming. I have no background in programming.

Should you mention another brand, Samsung would be my next best bet. Since Samsung and Apple looks luxurious for me.

Our school is equipped with Alienware desktops. Does it mean I have to remove Apple from my list? Macs are flexible since it can run windows if you use parallels xD

I don't really go with the latest laptop. I just want a laptop that will last. More than average I must say.

To sum it up, I would like to have my soon phone (SG Note 2) be the "more latest" than my laptop (early 2012 models-models now will do). Or should I get SG Note and have the laptop the more latest?

I would really be glad to hear from you!


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3d modellign etc. would mean that the 15-inch macbook pro can be useful due to the dedicated graphics and more real estate. And if you're doing high performance work on windows and still want to buy a mac laptop, I'd suggest using bootcamp as your mac will effectively become a windows machine will full native support.


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Dec 19, 2004
Between those two the 15inch makes more sense.

Personally I would build a Windows desktop for that. That way you can get a workstation GPU such as an nVidia Quadro or ATI FirePro for 3D modeling, a large screen and a graphics tablet for drawing. That will suit your needs for drawing and rendering far better than any laptop. Getting the Macbook Pro is more of a want really.

If you are interested in the concept art and modeling you might also be interested in animation for TV and Movies. Also with game development or any type of animation be prepared for 60hour work weeks and to forgo vacations and weekends.


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Oct 24, 2011
thanks but how about this I found a while ago?

just replace the laptop since it's kinda thick for me

I'm currently enrolled in Architecture but decided to shift since I don't want to spend most of my time on buildings. I love buildings but game concept art/developer is what my heart says.

Kinda thinking between the two too since in Game design, part of the curriculum is a basic animation, video editing, etc. On animation, I doubt there's a programming.


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Oct 24, 2011
up up up

currently can't decide between the three: animation, game design and development, and digital film making

now that the samsung galaxy note 2 has been officially launched, which do you think is the best combination for a student like me?

for the laptop, my options are a 15 inches MBP w/o retina or a powerhouse samsung(any recommendations?)

for the phablet, it would either be an ipad 3 or samsung galaxy note 10.1 or sg note 2.

for the desktop, I think I would go for an iMac.

Should it be
desktop + phablet?
desktop + phone + tablet?
laptop+ phablet?

any comments on the three course options?

my reason for going...
animation is that I love animes and I dream of creating one in the future
for game design & development is that I would like to be a concept artist and a semi programmer
for digital filmmaking is that I love the process of shooting scenes. I'm not a great writer and is also camera shy. Despite those, I think I can express my story more with the camera.

Basically, animation and digital filmmaking is related. The only difference is that in animation, I would have to create my characters. While on digital film making, I would have to find.

Quite messy but bear with me. All answers are to be noted and is very much appreciated.
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