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Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by verseafterverse, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. verseafterverse macrumors member

    Mar 17, 2013
    Well i was doing a system recovery and my screen went blank and black (i figured it got to the point where it removed the driver to my video card)so i plugged my monitor to my integrated card and still nothing.I walked away from my desktop for about a hour and the power went out now when i try to turn on my computer the light on the front lights up the fans spin no sounds are coming from it but my razer naga and my keyboard lights turn on and off like it is cutting off the power to them although that might not be the case and my monitor still doesn't produce a picture i have a hp desktop and a insignia tv i checked the cables and everything is fine any ideas what is wrong?
  2. verseafterverse thread starter macrumors member

    Mar 17, 2013
    just got the monitor to come on and got a message keyboard error with all my my info of my computer processor and all any ideas ?
  3. verseafterverse thread starter macrumors member

    Mar 17, 2013
    I actually fixed it i had to pull my ram out and put it back in then after i did that i was stuck in a windows recovery loop that i had to do a system restore and i lost all my files
  4. clukas macrumors 6502a


    May 3, 2010
    glad you fixed it ;). Windows does some weird stuff sometimes. I had a recovery nightmare once when I forgot to unplug my backup HD and it wiped all the data lol. Lesson learned.

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