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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by yomi.odeleye, Oct 3, 2008.

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    Jun 7, 2008
    hey guy. i just want to find out about couple of stuff. am in my final year in uni so i need to come up with my final year project. if you are interested this is what am going to be doing.
    [ A biosensing driven video editor
    The Mixed Reality Laboratory has recently developed a ‘personal and wearable telemetry system’ that captures data from fairground riders including video, audio, heart-rate, galvanic skin resistance (a measure of anxiety/excitement) and acceleration. The project would be to explore how the biosensing data might be used to index into the video/audio material, for example automatically highlighting the key moments from the experience. The project could involve analysing the data to see whether biosensing is a good indicator of those best moments or could be more technically focused on ways of indexing the video under the assumption that it is.


    The reason for this thread is because am new to mac i some told me that Xcode have got a lot of stuff that will be of help to me. have use Xcode just to wright little program.

    I just want to find out if there any thing on xcode that will make my life better. some one told me that mac cocoa will work fine because it has got some king of quick time embed inside it.

    PLx if you know more let me know and if there is any book i will not mind has well.

    if you want to find out more about my project, you can also send me a message.

    thank you for you time.
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    Dec 6, 2006
    You should investigate Core Animation. Though you don't mention a deadline, other than it is a final year project. If you are new to Cocoa and the Mac in general, then you have a steep learning curve. Objective-C is easy. If you know Java, C# or C++, you will pick up the basics of the language in hours. Your biggest difficulty will be learning the frameworks.
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    Jun 7, 2008
    well the deadline is next year may but i need to have the prototype up and running by the end of the year. this is because i need to do some kind of presentation to the school.

    well i know how to program in java and c++. i don't mind learning the program at all. i just don't know any book that will help me with the process.

    If you Know about any books that will help me, that will be really cool.

    The xcode problem that am having is that. i don't know which one of the cocoa that i need to use because there is a lot of them there.

    if you know more about this things let me know.

    thank you for your reply.
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    Dec 6, 2006
    Kochans book - Programming in Objective-C is still the best introduction to Objective-C on the market. There is a newer book, but that will only be released in December, January. The documentation that comes with Xcode will also help. There are two major documents. One is Programming in Objective-C 2.0 and can be found in the normal documentation section of Xcode. The other explains the run-time. For a starter learning coding on the Mac, these are complete overkill, they are a reference explaining exactly how message passing, etc works in the language. Once you have gone through the book, the help in Xcode should be your first port of call. The PDF is found at, though as I mentioned, it is more of a reference than a teaching tool.

    The pdf for Core-Animation is found at and this is even more of a reference than the language guide. It really just explains the API and how Core-Animation functions in different usages, but it doesn't really have any example programs for you to pick apart.

    The Pragmatic Programmers - have two books that could be of interest. Core-Animation and Cocoa Programming. The Core Animation doesn't teach Objective-C, so you should definitely look at that after learning Objective-C and a bit of Cocoa.

    For Cocoa programming, besides the Pragmatic Programmer book, which is still in Beta, the two best books on the subject are and

    The last one is a bit of tree killer and really covers an older technology, but it really shows you how the MVC model works in Cocoa.

    For a time-table, I would say, going through Kochan's book and doing the exercises, will take some time. Maybe a week or two if you do nothing else. Going through Aaron Hillegrass's book will also take that amount of time, if not longer. If you have never coded Cocoa before, the way, bindings, Core-Data, etc work will seem alien.

    After that you will need to dive into Core-Animation of Quicktime, probably both, as they can work together.

    Good luck.

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