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Nov 5, 2014
I've got a 32GB exFAT-formatted USB drive that I use for shuttling files between work (Win7 PC) and home (Macbook Pro Retina). I up'd to Yosemite like many others after IOS8 also dropped, and didn't have any noticeable issues; until I tried plugging in my USB flash drive.

It's completely invisible to my Mac. It doesn't auto-mount, it doesn't even show up in Disk Utility for diagnosis.

It still loads fine on my work-PC (no surprise), but here's the kicker - It still mounts perfectly on my wife's Macbook on Mavericks.

I plugged it into my wife's Macbook and it popped right up, copied over a file as a test, then ejected it properly and tried re-mounting on my MacbookPro; still not loading.

Help please!? I've Googled this over and over and got nothing. What am I missing?


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Apr 25, 2011
Make sure in Finder Preferences, under General External Disks is checked. I attached an image to show you what I am talking about.


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