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    Hey Guys,

    I'm a long time recording hobbyist (Cubase- PC) and I'm about to purchase either an iMac or a mini for my teenage sons to use Logic Pro. They are both at an intermediate level with Cubase and do really well with Garageband. Also, they currently use iMovie and within a couple of years I see them growing into using Final Cut. Any guidelines on the minimum requirements needed now and where to go as far as upgrading in the near future as the "size" of their recordings/videos grow?

    Thank You!
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    Im In The Same Business

    But you don't say what kit you have at present. See my specs below, if they are planning on video editing etc. there are a few MUST haves

    1) The upgrade to 2gb Video ram is essential

    2) I have the i7, but to be honest the i5 will do fine

    3) 8gb memory.

    4) Save up the £419.00for FCP (thats the hard part.

    A 27" screen is also a must, you need that real estate.

    Kids...Expensive business :D

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