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Jun 8, 2005
I downloaded Wolfenstein Enemy Territory for the Mac and can't install it because I need the administrator's password and username to install the file because it is to big.The reason I can't is because I don't have the username or password because it is a school laptop!Please help me I would love to play it!


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1) You'll get getter answers if you post a descriptive title, rather than being the 1284th person to say "Help!"

2) If you need the password to the machine, you need to ask the machine's owner for the password... OSX requires the approval of the machine owner before installing any arbitrary executable file -- makes sense, no?

If the school has no problem with you installing software on, or changing the settings on (or indeed,having the ability to completely trash) the machine, then they will surely give you the ability to do so. If not, not.

Stupid Mac

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Jun 8, 2005

Well I installed Mozilla Firefox on my computer and i did'nt need the password or username for that cuz i downloaded it and installed it no problem.


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Oct 26, 2003
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That's because Firefox canot harm your computer in any way... administrator passwords are for installing files at root/system wide level. Don't do it, if you don't have permission! If the school don't mind, just ask them for the password.


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Oct 20, 2002
It would definitely not be a smart idea to try to find someone to hack the machine. Then you would make yourself liable for the cost of the Mac. It's best to be safe rather than sorry.


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Feb 1, 2005
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I love the original posters attitude :rolleyes:

How I wish I would have had a free Macintosh for use with school!

So you can't play a game you downloaded on the internet. Your school setup security to prevent you from loading useless software on it. It is not the Macintosh's fault you can't do that.


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Feb 2, 2003
While there may be ways around this problem, I would not recommend doing this. I work for a school district doing IT. If they were to find out that you bypassed this it would only encourage increasing the ammount of security on the machines. Then you may be restricted as to what programs you can even launch. Your best bet would be just to ask if they would be willing to change the password for you and let you know what it is. But its provided for your education and not game time. They probably will just reimage the machine when you are done with it anyways. It is a long shot but it can't hurt to ask.

The machine is not a machine you own and have to support. Just imagine if every student had the game on their machine. No work would ever get done. While it may not be the answer you are looking for thats just how it is.

Besides if its a G3 iBook you aren't missing much. 15fps kinda sucks ;).

Edit: I should also mention that I'm only 20 so I can relate to how this must feel. Even worse I started the job as a Co-Op when I was 16. I know how hard it was to keep my knowledge (like passwords) secret and if you did get in word would spread and you would most likely get into a lot of trouble. If computers are something that interests you maybe you should look into programming. If Xcode is on the machine give it a whirl and read up on some programming languages. You can have some fun and learn at the same time. Start with something simple like a slot machine that runs from the terminal. It may sound corny but it can be fun to create your own game even if it is something simple like that. If you'd like more direction in this area just ask.