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    Oct 10, 2012
    I have an iPhone 4 with iOS6 & I have a calendar event that has a runaway duplication issue. There are(@last count) 86 duplicates per day through 2014! As I try to delete it, it locks up the calendar & grows in #'s. I can't turn off the calendar in settings it gets stuck in"turning off calendar". I've deleted & restored the phone to factory blank & when I loaded the back up it brought the run away calendar ever with it. I can't turn off the calendar in iCloud either, it gets locked up & eventually times out. I've tried changing the end date, changing it to never repeat, & so on resulting in a lock up & time out. Several hard resets too.
    Do I lose all of my contacts & info & wipe if clean again & abandon my corrupt back up?
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    How about try logging in to your account at an see if you can delete the calendar entry from there?

    If you do a wipe, and do not restore from a backup, your contacts should come back in when you turn iCloud back on.

    Just to be extra safe, you may want to use an iOS app like this one to export your contacts as a VCF file before you wipe. Even if everything goes badly you could at least use this app again with the VCF card backup to restore contacts.
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    Maybe it is a calendar associated with another email account, check the Mails settings and see if that calendar belongs to something like a gmail account.

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