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    So i had the ios 7 gm installed it and then went back to ios 6.1.3 and everything is working fine everying is backed up but the only thing is that its saying my cellphone isnt activated. so i call my carrier ( sprint ) and the tried is passcode thing you type in the dialpad of the phone and it said that didnt work and then they tried some other stuff and then the found out that the apple servers that i guess communicate with them with this type off stuff where down and that their was nothing else they could do that they could thing of but they said its pssible that once the apple servers are up agian that i would have cell service do you guys thing that is the cass or what and please if you have any way of helping or any ideas on what might work please say and please no unhelpful comments please i realy need help
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    I realize that you're upset but could you please rework your post and make it readable, with punctuation and such? Also needs a descriptive title. Most members won't even bother to read your post.
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    Indeed the only reason I opened the post was to ask for a better title.

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