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Feb 20, 2015
Hi. 2 days ago i had a problem. and believe me I've tried everything that i know to solve it. but little do i know. this my last hope!.
I've an iPhone 5c Worldwide version. I've downloaded a tweak called "Lock4GLTE" while having THESE TWEAKS WITCH I THINK ARE INVOLVED 1:"Activator" 2:"Flipswitch" 3:"Polus".
the main purpose of "Lock4GLTE" worked witch is locking 4G network . but the data didn't work. it says "your iPhone is not connected to the Internet". ((NOTE I've data plan includes 4G(LTE) and worked very well before the tweak and also works on my brothers iPhone))
so i deleted "Lock4GLTE". but every thing stood the same after deleting it!!!. i can't turn of LTE and my cellular data doesn't work!!. i download "Lock4GLTE" again disabled it many times and deleted it. nothing changed. i disabled 1:"Activator" 2:"Flipswitch" 3:"Polus". and deleted them. nothing changed.
i shouldn't have done this and i regret it so much. i SEMI-RESTORED my iPhone. since i cant restore my iPhone through iTunes because IOS 8.1.2 isn't signed any more by apple. so i SEMI-RESTORED through and nothing changed even worse some options i had before are gone.
I'm stuck on 4G LTE. my cellular data doesn't work. "Personal Hotspot" option disappeared.
PLEASE HELP ME!! PLEASE i can use iFile and edit the files manually i just need some instructions ///i'm not native English speaker if you haven't notice already
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