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    For years I've had the setting of automatic log in for my iMac at home. I am going on vacation and wanted to set a password on the iMac to log onto the computer as protection in case my home was broken into. As a test I shut down the computer. Then did a re-start.

    The screen shows my name and icon with an icon for guest to the right. Below I see icons for sleep, restart or shut down.

    I have a 2nd monitor plugged into my iMac. I am using a wireless keyboard and also the wireless track pad. The curser will move on the iMac screen but nothing clicks.

    I have a feeling that I need a usb mouse to get past this screen. If I do use that (I no longer have one), and get the computer open I will definitely go back into preferences and set it to automatic log in.

    Is there something I might have done wrong when I changed the settings? I clicked the drop down arrow and chose NO for automatic log in. I then clicked the padlock shut and clicked out of preferences.

    Everything worked perfectly before I changed the setting to no automatic login.

    I am typing this from my MacBook Air that I use when traveling.

    Thanks for any help.
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    Nov 29, 2010

    She didn't know how it happened but a rep at Apple care had me try my wireless mouse. I put in new batteries from the trackpad. The mouse worked. The screen changed as I installed the batteries, listing only my user name and a box to type my password.

    It worked perfect. Then I tried everything with the trackpad and it worked perfect. Im glad I called them, I was about to go out to find a mouse with a usb connection.
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    Out of curiosity, when you tried clicking, were you tapping, or pressing down on the trackpad? It's a nuisance that Apple has done this, but tapping to click doesn't work on the login screen - you need to perform clicking by physically pressing down on the trackpad. The physical clicking mechanisms are located at the bottom left and right of the Magic Trackpad; pressing down with a fair amount of force in the middle of the trackpad should be able to trigger them, too. Once you're logged in to your account, tapping to click (and all of your other trackpad gestures) will work without problem.

    The login screen (after a reboot, possibly not when changing users) is the only time I ever click by physically pressing down. I wish Apple would enable tap-clicking there, as well.

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