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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by bagelche, Nov 18, 2013.

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    In looking around for rMBP Thunderbolt docks, the Henge horizontal dock jumped out as a nice option. In the mid-to-upper area of the price range, it provided great port options and looked really nice. ...and it's been in that ubiquitous Thunderbolt delayed-release holding pattern.

    To update all us wondering folks, Henge has put up three blog posts on the topic of the horizontal dock. I figured at least some of you would be interested.

    Like many other Thunderbolt docks, the Henge horizontal dock has had its release date pushed back. We're now looking at 2014. In addition, the port options have changed (they removed the FW800 port, which I really wanted).

    The posts (so far):
    Horizontal Dock Update, part 1
    Horizontal Dock Update, part 2
    Horizontal Dock Update, part 3
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    Too bad they're not passing through any of the thunderbolt connections. All the thunderbolt shaped ports are mini-DP. No thunderbolt access.

    But, looks quite nice. It's probably even worth the $250 they're charging...
  4. MacModMachine, Nov 20, 2013
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    thats odd , they say you can use the firewire800 adapter on the dock , pretty sure they must pass through.

    the thunderbolt dock is 350 too.

    EDIT , there thunderbolt ports....and can use thunderbolt accessories , not sure where you got that misinformation.
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    They originally were to have 2 models, one with mini-DP and one with thunderbolt. But if you read the updates you'll see this


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