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Discussion in 'iMac' started by cokeb, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. cokeb macrumors newbie

    Aug 10, 2007
    I just arranged a return of my new iMac to Apple. A combination of buyer's remorse over the cost/performance, technical problems, and a slight disappointment in the design of it is responsible.

    I've been a PC user for over 15 years, and an Amiga user before that, but I've been eyeing Apple products for a couple of year now due to the beauty of OS X mostly. Last year I took the plunge and bought the new Macbook as soon as it was released. It was a great experience, and it worked beautifully for me - mostly browsing the net, playing music, goofing around with Photo Booth etc. All in all, a lovely machine and a great experience.

    My main machine has been, and now still will be, a 3GHz P4 which I use for gaming mostly -- especially after the Macbook replaced it as my main internet machine. But it is showing it's old age, so the last year I've been waiting for a good opportunity to switch to a Mac. The new iMac launch would give me the perfect opportunity, or so I thought.

    Having sold my Macbook to get some funds I chose the 2nd 20" model. I wasn't completly happy with the new iMac specs, but I decided to try them out. I ordered it on the 8th, and it was delivered on the 10th - impressive.

    Here are some general opinions:

    - The glossy screen is like a mirror when the screen is dark -- and I sit next to a window. However, once it is turned on and showing something moderately bright -- like the OS X desktop & apps -- it is not bad at all. I can barely see the reflection even if I am really looking for it.

    - The design with the aluminum and black border is not very attractive. I can see it get old real fast. :-(

    - The keyboard is ok, I guess. Feels very much like the Macbook keyboard. I prefer the "old" types though.

    - Not really related to this iMac but I think the Mighty Mouse is horrible. The fake right-click, the ridiculous little scroll ball.. Bleurgh.

    - It is very very silent. I was super impressed by this!

    - The graphics card is reported in Windows XP as a ATi Radeon Mobility HD2600XT. What's up with that?

    All in all, I was slightly dissapointed with the new iMac. But maybe I had too high expectations, I don't know.

    Unfortunately I had a problem with the iSight camera -- it was "not available" or "in use by other applications" -- and nothing I could do would change that. Contacted Apple Support and after much troubleshooting was told I had to send the machine in for repair. Bummer. :-(

    So, I chose to return it instead. Maybe I'll check it out again when it has been revised, even though I guess the design will stay the same.

    One thing is clear, I will almost certainly buy a Macbook again to replace the one I sold.

    All in all, I feel a bit melancholy. Thanks for reading this far. :eek:
  2. Aea macrumors 6502a


    May 23, 2007
    Denver, Colorado
    Reading through your post, and your mention of games you might want to try the MBP. I know it seems weird recommending a laptop, but the iMac is made of laptop components, and the MBP is an impressive laptop with a faster GFX card then that iMac has :)
  3. cokeb thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 10, 2007
    I have considered that, espcially since I have a lovely 22" Widescreen Dell monitor (the best part of my old PC).

    But one of the main arguments for the iMac was the relatively low price. I'm not sure I can afford a MBP.

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