Here is a pic of the Retina Display


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Sep 16, 2008
Madrid - Spain
I've tried different combinations on my iPad 2, portrait, landscape, 3 to 5 icons…none match the dock reflections in the photo so...


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Jul 22, 2007
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:eek: I didn't notice, maybe they are gone in iOS 5.1 (in the beta they are still there) or this is nothing but a fake photo :(
One way I could imagine faking this, is if someone took a picture of an iPad home screen, then photoshopped it to be higher resolution, and put it on an iPhone 4/4s to emulate the retina display. But I feel like if someone was going to go through all that they wouldn't of photoshopped out the reflections. Plus you can see what looks like the iPad bezel below it, and not the iPhone bezel which would have either the speaker or the home button visible.