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Lucas Curious

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Nov 30, 2020
Currently the trade in value is high so go to Best Buy and give them your watch for a gift card. Before you do, read my next tip below…

If you are a Best Buy Plus rewards member or Total Tech member, they are currently giving 10% more trade in value. Its on their website but when you try to add it into cart, it ends up as the regular trade in amount so enter your watch info and then take a photo of the adjusted increase value and show it to the person in store customer service while trading in your watch.

Once you have your gift card, use this promo code to get 10% off instantly while ordering online - Q3FY24SAVE10PL
This code only works if you check out with the Best Buy credit card.

But when you do check out with the Best Buy credit card, you also get another 5% cash back.

If you spend $500 in the month of October, you get a $50 credit in November. Activation offer button in your Best Buy account.

If you are a total Tech member with Best Buy, you also get automatic Apple Care+ $80 value.

So all these discounts work if you have a Best Buy credit card and are a total tech member.

I upgraded the whole family with new watches and concluded that the $179 annual total tech price covered all the value I got.

With the membership you also get 60 day returns so if the price drops, you can get a price match later (Black Friday deals). I included this statement because I was able to get price matches on other items, which covered the total tech annual fee with all the savings I got through the year.

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