here is some of the things i bought and now useing

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    Dec 9, 2010
    Ok here are some of the things i have bought and useing with my ipad for personal use after useing other products i bought when the ipad first came out

    1st product

    I went to a Cocoon Harlem sling bag and it has worked out great for everyday use after owning a kensington sling bag and the strap came lose after a couple of months of use and i was not happy about that it broke when beening carryed around in a daily bases

    2nd product

    i picked up a Cimo soft gel TPU Skin Case for the ipad back cover

    the skin case it great when holding the ipad in my hands and walking around with the unit

    3rd product

    Radius Atomic bass Alumican earphones with carrying case ..

    they are great for the ipad unit

    the rest of the little items i carry with me are based that day on where iam going that day or if iam going out of town for work ..

    because of the liveing in a EarthQuake prone area i have add some of the socalled if i can not get the heck to the house to get out of town supplies ..

    so one pocket of the sling bag is the get out of town supplies items ..

    the one thing i did get rid of because of AT&T poor service was iphone and went to a local metro pcs smart phone for basic use around the area ..

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