Here is something i want bring up about phones plans

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    On another website i bought the comment about getting rid of my Iphone after getting my ipad2 with it front faceing camera with facetime application to do video chat with the family and grandkid's ..

    The biggest problem with the two phon company's who have iphone's in there inventory and it was getting out of hand with there socalled fee's on there data plans price increase every few month's it seams like ..My plan went from $110.oo dollars a month to $140.oo dollars in less than a year ..

    If you do not have to travel you might want to look at Metro PCS or Cricket for phones that have a bult in Wifi hot spot in there phone plans.. My plan is $65.oo dollars a month for there Andriod plan ..
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    My unlimited everything plan on ATT has stayed the same price for the last few years, since when the bold 9000 first came out.

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