Here's an Avid Apple Collector (Video)


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Jan 6, 2007
Manchester, UK
What an incredible collection!

What seems even more impressive though is the thought and way he has them all laid out - very nice and clean. Every other collection I've seen from people usually consists of a 'mish mash' of machines on old shelves, on the floor etc. This looks like almost like a store.

Oh, and I've got to get me one of those anniversary macs.


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Jun 2, 2003
That is one hell of a collection!

Where did/do you pick up the branded gear? I've been on the lookout for stuff for ages, ebay being the usual place I look but very rarely find anything.
Thanks! All from eBay, been collecting stuff for a few years now. Not everything is shown either, lots more to photograph. My watches are shown here.

Just sold (on eBay) some of the old Apple marketing leaflets that we all used to pick up from the stores, none available now for the actual products themselves. Going to list more shortly.

Just trying to stick to smaller stuff now as I have run out of space.. now if only I had a basement!:)


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Jan 10, 2007
Rocket City, AL
This guy just had 7 macs and went to 2 school auctions. The G3's and the Mac classics were probably all bought at once. Its about quality not quantity. Just because he can paint a basement, go to 2 school auctions, and buy some furniture from ikea, should we envy him? I am envious of the TAM but thats it.

I really am more impressed at the last row, where he lines up the all in ones. Thats like 7 macs. The TAM is impressive, but there are dozens of guys here with better collections.

Cough, macg4, Cough

Now, mkjj you need to be on cnn. We should just post our collections up nicely and just digg each other to geek stardom!

...........Prepare for the wall of powerbooks comming soon to MR...........​

Anonymous Freak

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Dec 12, 2002
When I get my basement remodel finished, I'll have a setup similar to that (only without the 'Classic Bar'.) I've been looking for a reasonably inexpensive TAM for a while, $800 is just too much for a computer that I'm only buying for 'collectible' value. (My most expensive one so far was a Duo 2300 with all original packaging, plus Duo Dock, for $100, not including ones I bought new for actual day-to-day use.)

Which reminds me... :D I'd appreciate it if people would vote for my contest entry.

(Hrm, the rules don't prohibit bribing, do they? :p If I win, then when I post pictures of my completed basement (probably sometime around late September, early October,) I'll have screensavers saying the names of those that supported me.)


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Oct 10, 2011
Why Collect Apple?


I'm actually doing my MA thesis on Collecting Brand Memorabilia, and |I thought Apple will be a good place to start!
I will be extremely grateful if you agree to tell me a little bit
about your personal Mac collection. Here are a few things I'd really like to know:

Is there a particular type of memorabilia that you collect?

Why do you think you collect at all?

How long have you been collecting?

How did it start? Which one was your first piece?

Which is your favourite peice? Why?

Are you very 'private' about your collection, or do you love showing
it to those who'd like to see it?

Are you competitive about the collection? Do you compete with other
collectors in any way? What way?

Are you a member of a Collectors' Club or Society? Does this website
that you have set up help your personal collecting in any way? Do you
think the setting up of a social collectors' platform helps and
encourages the collecting process for eveyone involved?

Would you ever sell your personal collection?

Why did you choose Apple in particular to collect? Why Apple?

Do you regularly use Apple products in your daily life? Do you
consider yourself as particularly loyal to the brand?

Would you mind revealing your age and nationality?

Is there anything else that's exciting enough to be shared?

Of course, a personal conversation is often a much better idea when it
comes to subjects like these, but unfortunately, I know that
that's not really an option. That said, I really do hope you are able
to find a few minutes to help me out here. Thanks a ton!!!!