Here's Apple's EOL Applications and Why?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by wescravn, Aug 11, 2012.

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    Well, I think Apple is going to EOL the following applications and here's why!

    1) iLife - iLife doesn't help apple sell mac's. Instead its a burden to create new versions. Why update iLife when all the proapps do the same things and more, and they have come down in price since the MAS. This makes iLife redundant at best. They'll do iMovie, iPhoto, and Garageband for a few more years, till they drop the price on the pro apps and make this obsolete. iWeb and iDVD have been casualties of war. Oh well...iLife RIP

    2) iWork - They haven't updated this since 2009 and have no intentions to do so. Why, it's not selling computers, and it's not requested often enough or purchased. Who needs pages, keynote, and numbers really MS Office 2011 does that. It's easier to let microsoft due the heavy lifting. Once MS Office for iPad is released it's doubtful Apple will continue development on ios or mac platforms.

    3) Logic
    - Apple has done small incremental updates, but hasn't came out with a new version in 2.5 years. That's strange. If logic 10 were in the pipeline, they would of released it a long time ago. Tim Cook talked about retina apps, but no where mentioned Logic. It's absence is sign of the times. Protools 10 has eaten into logic's revenue. If they release logic 10, it may be the last version as we know it, or they may sell it to someone. It's doubtful they will invest more timepower to it. Logic is dying. Everyone knows that, but won't admit it.
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    iLife is a bundle of singular applications that was bundled for marketing purposes. Now that the App Store it out, it has been unbundled and the different apps are not available for purchase.

    iWork has been updated since 2009. One of its most recent updates was to give it iCloud. iWork is also nothing more than the marketing name of the bundle of office based applications now all of which are available for purchase on the App Store.
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    Almost every one of your premises and conclusions are wrong.

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