Hfs Volume Needs Repair

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by MacBookProChile, Sep 28, 2008.

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    Hello folks,

    I have had my macbook pro for about one year and recently it began acting funny. first firefox would close unexpectedly, then safari, and recently, anything would close unexpectedly.
    I went to disk utilities and repair disk. I was succesful at repairing the harddisk but it said the "HFS volume needs repair" so i clicked on "repair disk" well, after waiting the few minutes it would say "HFS volume could not be repaired" "HFS volume needs repair"

    Yesterday, the computer froze. Everything was frozen and nothing worked. I shut down my computer and tried to restart. It would start but it wont run. I get the white screen with the apple as it tries to start, however it doesnt go anywhere from there.
    I checked my manual and i was succesful at starting the computer from the harddrive, meaning i hit start button then hold command+option+P and R and went through the option menu. first it asks for language selection and then it takes you straight to disk utilities. Once there i tried "repairing disk" and still got to the same silly response.
    Now my macbook pro is not working and im affraid to lose all my work of which i only have about 10% backed up.

    any ideas???
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    Firstly, if you can take the drive out and plug it into a caddy and transfer as much information as possible - Provided you have another mac in the house.

    Second, boot of the os x cd that came with the macbook, and run disk utility. You can not repair that problem because it is the startup disk. Booting of the cd will allow that.

    If it can't fix it, i would suggest trying disk warrior or if it's under warranty get the drive replaced. Just make sure you back everything up that you can because they will charge for a reload and data transfer

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