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    Unfortunately I have to deal with a Dell Laptop from work, and I need to get some photos out of my iPhone to this Windows Xp machine.
    I try to download iTunes for Windows from the apple website but the web is currenlty been updated and the download is not available.
    I normally sync my iPhone with my MacBook, but now I don't have it with me until a week.
    So I need to sync with this Dell laptop to be able to get the photos and a backup of my contacts plus update some podcasts.
    I am on a work related trip and will be away from my Mac for a while.
    Meanwhile apple fix the download link I will like to know from the experience of Windows Xp users that also sync their iPhones with a Mac.

    My questions are:
    1-If I sync my iPhone with Windows iTunes what will happen with my current iPhone data: Songs, Videos, Podcast, Contacts, Mail, Bookmarks and Photos?
    2- Where are the photos sent from the iPhone, in my Mac they go to iPhoto...No clue in Windows...
    3- What special care should I have to avoid loosing my Songs, Videos, Mail and Network settings when syncing in Windows?

    Many Thanks for you help and comments!
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    I can only help you possible with the photo aspect of your question. I get my photos from my iphone just by going to 'My computer' and selecting 'Removable disk'. Sort of like I plugged in a memory card. No Itunes and no syncing required.

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