Hi, im a newbie when it comes to lighting equipment. (NEED HELP!)

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by rudylovesfood, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. rudylovesfood macrumors newbie

    May 25, 2011
    Hi, im a casual photographer, but i got offered to do a photo shoot this friday. I can finally put my skills to the test, but im also a bit worried about not taking the best pics for them. It's going to be a outdoor scene, so i cant bring my umbrellas with me. I was thinking about buying wireless transmitters and putting my speedlite on a stand with 1 umbrella. But i dont know too much about how that works. I love using my f.1.8 for the depth of field effect if that info helps. Or should i just use reflectors? Any help would be appreciated. (please dont bash on me for being a newbie)

    Here's a page of couple of my pics if interested.
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    I won't "bash on you for being a newbie", but the fact that you're asking these questions on an online forum suggests that you're not ready to do a paid photo shoot (at least, I assume you're being paid). Using untried techniques, with new and untried equipment, sounds like a recipe for disaster.

    There's nothing you can learn between now and Friday :)eek:) that will help you. I'd suggest you will need to get some competence in any new photographic discipline... and that takes time. :)
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    You can do a lot with just a reflector and natural light. You won't become an expert by Friday, but you if you already have one you can practice with it some between now and then. You could also use the reflector to bounce the speedlight. I'd stick to nothing more than that because it keeps it simple.

    I don't have a lot of experience in this matter, either. I'm starting with just a reflector and my speedlight on my own to learn and practice.
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    Hi Rudy....

    Checked out your Tumblr page.... image wise, you seem to be a competent shooter (don't take that comment wrong... there just isn't enough images to to say much more).... so keep your friday shoot simple. Leave enough time to think things through. Have a shooting plan already made up. You don't have to follow the plan when you get there, but it will give you something to fall back on - plus you can very quickly scan down the list and make sure you've got all the shots that you think you need.

    One thing on your Tumblr page concerns me : you say "...fully of my own stuff like the photos i take but i will reblog whatever catches my eye ... " But you don't identify which shots are actually yours, and which shots you have 'reblogged'.

    As a courtesy to other photographers, please at least identify which images are 'reblogged'. And better yet, ask them if it's OK reblog. I notice on your Flickr page you claim copyright, and all rights reserved. That means if I wanted to reblog any of your images, I would ask you first for permission. I trust you are returning that courtesy. Like Danny Todd's images.

    If this a paid gig, get in writing who owns the copyright to the images. You are starting to venture into the business/commercial side of the business now. Depending on where you live, you may not automatically have rights to the images. Putting someone's image on your Tumblr/Flickr page may be seen as commercial use if you are then using those pages to drum up more paid gigs.

    Make sure your batteries are charged. Have a spare set. Have a spare memory card. Probably too soon to recommend a spare camera. Probably too soon to start worrying you about taxes and insurance. (A friend in the insurance business tells me that, by far, the most common insurance claim for photographers is to cover the cost of the "thing" they knocked over while shooting. When you have camera to your face, and your concentrating on the DoF, shutter, exposure, and then you start moving around to get that better angle - you bump into things. Cheaper than an insurance policy is to bring a friend whose job is to watch your back. And to keep their mouth shut.)

    If I had to make one suggestion about your shooting.... you need to pay more attention to your backgrounds.... you have too many trees growing out of people's heads. Way too many.


    ps everything Doylem above said is also true, and good advice....
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    I second all of this, but I would stress that getting permission to use images on your site is mandatory. It's not enough merely to identify which of them are rehosted or "reblogged". If the photos belong to someone else, you need to contact the copyright owner and get permission to use the photos.

    I also second all that Doylem had to say.
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    You have the offer, so do the shoot as best you can. It won't kill you. Flash photography is difficult to say the least and requires a lot of practice to get right. Some of the posters in this thread have made good use of flash, but it took more that a few days to get it right. My advice is to shoot with what you've got and learn more about flash/strobe lighting before you dump more money on stuff.

    Check out The Strobist, there is a Strobe 101 link on the front page.

    Edit: Yes, everything Doylem said applies.

  7. rudylovesfood thread starter macrumors newbie

    May 25, 2011
    I want to thank you all for your help! I need the criticism and tips to keep myself growing. I appreciate every word that was said. It's not a paid photo shoot, doing it for a friend for her DJ management company. So i'll just stick on what i know. Thank you everyone!

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