Hi! This 13" machine is really magical.

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by 0098386, Oct 16, 2017.

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    Jan 18, 2005
    The reason why I joined this forum, in 2004, was to talk about my newly purchased 12" PowerBook. Today I just bought a 13" MacBook Pro, and I love it! I'm typing on it right now at the train station - something I'd never do before but because this is so light, so diddy, I had to!

    I've been on a bit of an Apple bender recently. Replaced my series 0 Apple Watch with a 3, replaced my iPhone 6 with an 8 Plus (INCREDIBLE camera. You people waiting for an X are in for a treat!). When I first saw the new MacBook Pro with it's only 4 USB-C ports, no Magsafe, that OLED bar, that keyboard... but a year later it makes sense.

    The USB-C thing. Well, it's everywhere isn't it? I bought a Nintendo Switch back in March and it RAPIDLY became the best gaming device I ever owned. It's phenomenal. The entire purpose - a single platform that plugs into big TV's, but is also a handheld, and you can also play it on a table after detaching the controllers... just incredible. Anywho! That's USB-C so I jumped onboard with lots of USB-C cabling. It works for me. It's so universal, so capable.

    The MagSafe thing. Well that's a loss for sure. Magsafe is/was the best invention of recent years. I can't justify losing it. But I can understand using USB-C for it, as now any port can charge the MBP.

    The OLED bar. I didn't care much for it until I saw its Photos integration - just brilliant. It works. I do a lot of Dualbooting into Windows with my Macs and this one will do too... as soon as I'm home!

    The KEYBOARD. I don't know why I didn't like it before. In fact. I was just meandering through the Apple Store today inspecting the iMac I'm looking to get soon, what made me switch to a MBP (delaying the iMac) was the keyboard. I opened up Notes on a MBP and intended to write "I don't like this keyboard". And I did. But I expanded on it! I wrote a paragraph, my fingers gliding over the keys as words effortlessly tumbled out of my brain and onto the screen via some kind of magical interfacing device. It's, and I keep using this word, but it's incredible. I've always loved writing on Apple computers. There seems to be some kind of feeling with them. They're comfortable and their word processing apps are nice and friendly. I'm converted. The paragraph I wrote was one of surprise at actually how good it was. There and then I decided on buying this machine.

    So that's my little story.

    Oh yeah. I make computer games, old school simple 2D ones for PC and Playstation (so far) with my new one coming to Switch. So this machine is actually perfect for me and I'm in absolute love. I'm also looking to write my first novel but isn't everyone. And I hope to be able to get it out thanks to this keyboard. I'm not joking; should I get the book out I'm going to dedicate it to this keyboard design.

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    You got SG and named it Dark Place, right?
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    You’re also a visionary. Plus actor.
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    Guys I’m typing furiously on this right now.

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