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Sep 20, 2015
hi Im not one to tamper with a divine computer; which is divine for reasons that are probably obvious; I mean you have to mine the soil of our Mother planet to make one; in any case Im not one to tamper with any old computer; especially not a Mac! Yet I wonder if it can take a nosedive and turn out all right .


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Sep 7, 2007
With great weather, I still go on the balcony with my Powerbook from end 2004 that I got in 2005. And write, it's so snappy still. Just because it's Tiger or whatever came after. The only thing that's an issue is the battery. Obviously.

The Mac Pro from 2006 works great, minus the video card. I think it melted one day. I now 'back to my mac' or 'ssh' into the box - It has 6tb of media and databases and websites on it that I work on. it's so nice and snappy, probably because of those dual core cpu's.

The iMac from 2009 is slow now, because i force el capitan on it and while it helps, it has lag spikes and it makes premiere pro unusable at this point. I can't wait to upgrade. It had some issues, the PSU got replaced, and a few little things on the motherboard. I can't wait to get the new iMac and then put SSD in the old one to give it another year of speedy-feelings usage.

The monitors are hard to say they are fine. It's a high resolution, but the retina on iPad etc spoil you.. the powerbook now look more washed, even though it's actually fine. The iMac however is 24" and the backlight is giving yellow areas on the screen. Another reason I want a new one.

The durability of these devices are just fine. I never felt like oh wow, it's been 6 months, lets do a fresh windows install on my new pc, .. That hasn't happened ever, I just backup, upgrade, and continue using it.


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Aug 28, 2012
Between the coasts
Can it take a nosedive and turn out alright? Yes. Is there a guarantee that it will turn out alright? No.

I have an old PowerBook G4 that has several deep dents from 2-foot falls. I haven't used it in years, but it was still working fine when I retired it.

There are too many variables here to list. If it lands one way, the display shatters, if it lands another, the display survives. IF it has a spinning hard disk, maybe the disk heads were parked (as all laptop drives are designed to do when the drive is powered down), or maybe the drive was spinning at the moment of impact and you have a head crash. The mechanical assemblies and connectors are designed to survive substantial impacts before coming apart, but it's still possible that some connector is jarred loose....

So if you're going to invoke the gods, just appreciate their capricious nature and accept what they dish out.
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