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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Bettermann09, Jun 24, 2010.

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    As most of you already know, it is now possible to put a wallpaper on your homescreen. Who could forget the clever people that made the wallpaper that looks like the screen was shattered. Well you can now get that same wallpaper for the back of your iPhone. This wallpaper is free and doesn't take up any space. All you need to do is simply drop your phone on a hard surface. Isn't that great! Everyone is doing it. Even Gizmodo.

    Quote from Matt Buchanan, a Gizmodo journalist.
    "But hey, I'm trying to think optimistically here; at least it wasn't the front screen that cracked, and the look gives it character... I guess."

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    Another thing from gizmodo eh?

    This, like the other one, shows a single point with substantial impact/force, only this latest one looks like what would happen if the corner hit a hard surface and shattered.. only problem........ it was the entire side of the phone. Does the iPhone some how manage to redirect all impact to a single location ? Or was it a friggin hammer and a screw driver

    I'd like to see how that happens... cause it looks like more bs to me.. /shrug

    I'll just work in on not "dropping" my phone

    (BTW co worker dropped her phone out of her car onto the pavement this morning, not a scratch or blemish to be seen)
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    With these two statements, you've said it all.

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