Hide alerts not working for specific group text

Discussion in 'iOS 12' started by travisc555, Aug 10, 2019.

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    Hide alerts will not work for one specific group text. I still receive all notifications. The group text has 3 iPhone numbers (all saved in my contacts) and 6 android numbers (1 saved in my contacts).

    I tried to hide alerts on another group text that had a mix of iPhone and android phone numbers and hide alerts worked as expected.

    I have tried turning off my iPhone and back on again still no luck. Turning hide alerts off and back on for the group text, no luck. I updated to iOS 12.4 a couple days ago, but this was still happening before then. I have an iPhone 8. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    I read somewhere that the issue may be related to VIPs and/or contacts and the way the settings are setup for it. The consensus for that was to delete the contacts from your phone (writing down their details first) and then adding them back in. Some people also reported that clearing out your VIP settings in the Mail app is what cleared it for them. Seems that the VIP settings may inherently affect the iMessage notification settings as well. Couldn't hurt to try that.
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    To be fair...I also have a group that suffers the same issue. I've done some research, but not applied any fixes. I will say that I do not have any VIPs setup though.

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