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May 6, 2008
My wife uses her iPad Pro for everything... doesn't have another computer. She uses Gmail for her mail and has been using the GMail app. We have several adult kids that frequently use her iPad to do things or help her with things when we are together. This often has them going into Gmail if helping with an order, or signup or something. My wife has some private emails coming into her inbox that she doesn't want them to see. This is causing her a lot of stress and made her reluctant to letting them use her iPad. She fears they thing she is doing something wrong that she is trying to hide... which is not the case at all.

I'm trying to help her alleviate this problem in the simplest manner possible. My wife is not very tech savy. In the Gmail web app, you can setup labels (folders) and mark them hidden, and then setup rules to automatically tag incoming email to these folders and take them out of the inbox. There doesn't appear to be any way on the iOS version of the Gmail app to miimic this behavior.

Any ideas on how I can help her. This should be simple to do, and yet one of the most widely used mail apps fails to provide it. I am not opposed to switching her to a different mail app. Another option would be to setup another email account for this stuff, but that has its own issues. I just can't believe that Google doesn't provide an option for this basic functionality.


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Jul 1, 2014
To mimic on iOS, need to go back to Gmail web, Settings, Labels, toggle off Show in IMAP. Now that folder will not show on iOS mail app, Gmail iOS app. Obviously, won't see on iOS, so will need to use web version of Gmail to access the folder(s).

Also double check the full list on that page to verify that the "Show in Message List" is hidden vs "Show in Label List".
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