High data usage for email - 70 MB in one day

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    I bought my mom an iPhone in Canada (Roger's) when the 3G came out and last month she travelled to the USA to visit her family. SHe asked me if she could use the data plan there and I told her to use it sparingly because it costs 1 cent per kilobyte. He said she would not open any attachments or browse the web, she was only going to read and reply to important text emails. If figured it most cost her $30 or $40 for her week long trip. My estimate was that text emails would be on the order of 20 kb or so each.

    My mom is no technophile. She uses email incredibly sparingly, and doesn't even know how to download applications or download music or pretty much anything else.

    So end the end, when she got back from Atlanta, she told me her bill was $800! She says she only checked her email once or twice per day and only downloaded important messages which had no attachments.

    I just got a copy of her bill today. Most days it looks reasonable. 100 kb - 400 kb per day.

    Then there's one day where she used 70 MB in one day! Her charge for that single day was like $400.

    What could she have possibly done that would use 70 MB in one day by only reading emails. Her mail account quota is probably less than 70 MB and she only read NEW messages with no attachments. She probably doesn't even regularly use 70 MB of email storage/bandwidth in a month! Is there some sort of bug that could result in runaway data usage? After that day there are a few days where she uses 10 MB per day, which also seems unusual but not as crazy as the 70 MB day.

    I looked back at my bill from AT&T over a week when I had no wifi access. I am a heavy data user, and I only used 30 MB per day max. And I was downloading applications, using safari, emailing photos, basically using my data plan to the max (good thing it was unlimited).

    Does anybody have any ideas about where this ridiculous charge could have come from, and how to prevent it from happening again? The worst part is, she obviously didn't know she was using that much data. I told her 70 MB is the equivalent of downloading 350 large photos (200 kb jpegs) and she said she didn't even download one single attachment.

    Even if she accidentally opened google maps, it might have been a few hundred more kb but not 10s of megabytes.

    I compared that to my own personal data usage while traveling in the USA (I'm with AT&T by the way), and on a heavy usage day with no wifi I used maybe 30 MB max. So her 70 MB in one day doesn't seem very realistic.

    Does anybody know if it even possible to contest this charge with Roger's
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    I heard there is a bug in the 2.2 Software which cause Safari to run in the background instead of closing. Maybe she visited an auto-refreshing website or something like that. Im not sure if that could have caused the heavy data usage but if it did, you should inquire for a refund and if they dont give you one, take Apple to court.

    You said you Mom doesn't know how to download things. That tells me that she doesn't have a lot of technical knowledge. Maybe she didn't know that using youtube (f.e.) causes extensive use of date. You should ask her what funktions she used.

    Also, call Rogers and ask them for a refund. Just tell them you did not use that much data. If that doesnt halp lie to them (tell them you didnt use data at all or something, be creative ;) ) or as I said, check if the Safaribug could have caused the usage and if it did, call Apple and ask them for a refund. I they decline, take them to court.

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