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Discussion in 'iOS 12' started by Benz63amg, May 20, 2019.

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    does the iPhone record photos and videos at a lower quality if the “most compatible” setting is selected?

    What is the difference between these 2 settings?
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    Oct 17, 2010
    Thanks for the article, so by me selecting “Most Compatible” on the iPhone’s camera setting it then it does indeed mean that I’m capturing photos of REDUCED quality.

    If I was to choose the high efficiency (Also higher quality) setting, how do I import the photos from my iPhone to my iMac then for long term storage? Last I checked the HEIF wasn’t even recognized as a photo file on My iMac. (I use Image Capture to import all my photos and videos to my iMac). I was using El Capitan on my old 2011 iMac which might be with HEIF wasn’t recognized which I was I switched to “Most Compatible” setting on the iPhone in the first place several years ago. I now use a 2019 iMac with Mojave and no longer have the 2011 iMac with El Capitan.
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    Photos are not with reduced quality, HEIF format just use better losless compression. Quality is the same.

    HEIF is only supported on High Sierra and newer, so that’s why El Capitan did not recognize it.

    If you are sending HEIF photo to, for example, El Capitan via AirDrop, HEIF photo will be converted to JPG and then transferred. If Im right, HEIF photos sent via email is also converted to JPG - so use ZIP archives when sending HEIF via e-mail.

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