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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by Codeseven, Mar 30, 2016.

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    Ive read several past posts about downloading YT audio, most of them giving links to free online converters but I suspect the end result is a lower quality mp3. I'd like to end up with a high quality audio file from an HD video. I done the, download HD YT video to GB, then delete the video portion and record the audio portion, but this seems to be having to take several time consuming steps when there is probably an easier and quicker way. I also see that the video will pop up in QuickTime Player and just the audio portion can be exported, perhaps that's a better choice.

    I'm willing to pay for a really good app or software if needed.

    Edit: Keepvid downloaded the first video, after a few repeated and ignored prompts, but now it won't do any with signing up, which includes billing information, forget it.

    Edit #2: Burned the QT MP4 audio file to a CD. Plays fine on my computer but my cars CD player doesn't recognize it. I might be stuck with mp3's only..
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    I use a YouTube downloader that saves the file in the highest mp4 format available (not mp3).

    Then, I "drag n drop" that into the "ALL2MP3" utility, and choose the highest conversion quality possible.

    There's even an option to automatically delete the original (mp4) file after conversion.

    Works for me...
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    I use PwnTube. Just put "pwn" before "youtube" in the URL, or drag the bookmarklet to your Favorites bar and click that when you're on a video page.

    eg, youtube .com/watch?v=HMLVAUldN1g becomes pwnyoutube .com/watch?v=HMLVAUldN1g

    Once I have the video, I rip the audio through Streamclip (free) and then convert to Lossless in iTunes.

    Works like a charm.
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    Any repetitive lossy compression results to degraded sound quality. YouTube is already lossy so no matter what converters you use, you will never get the sound quality you desire (lossy to lossless = lossy) Just subscribe to Tidal HiFi to get maximum sound quality.

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