High School Class Fundraising Ideas.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by techfreak85, May 8, 2009.

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    Jan 13, 2008
    Ok so im Sophomore Class prez, and people haven't been to happy with me(mainly the girls and im a guy and...u know...:mad::p)so i need to kinda redeem my self with them with some good old fundraisers and any other ideas would be VERY VERY appreciated.:D

    thanks so much.

    EDIT: Also this is a pretty small private school like 250 students total and like 55 in the class.
    and as much as all the kids like coffee, the conservative Superintendents/the rest of the church and such would not be happy. :p
  2. Demosthenes X macrumors 68000

    Demosthenes X

    Oct 21, 2008
    When I was in HS we used to sell coffee, muffins, and donuts at morning break. Find yourself a coffee maker, and just pick up some donuts and muffins from your closest Dunkin' Donuts or whatever on your way to school. We raised more than $1000, and it really wasn't much effort...
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    Jun 14, 2004
    Hudson Valley NY
    You'll be amazed at how much this drama stuff doesn't matter after you graduate.
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    Jan 9, 2009
    Baltimore, MD
    I'm also a sophomore. I've been wanting to bring a grill to school and grill some hamburgers out in the front of the school right after the bell rings. It'd be cool.
  5. luketc macrumors newbie

    May 6, 2006
    host a school-wide dodgeball tournament, charge 5 bucks a person, make teams and a bracket, you'll raise big bucks and who doesn't love dodgeball? require 3 girls and 3 underclassmen on each team, or something...

    and sell food and drinks outside of the gym to raise extra cash
  6. ErikCLDR macrumors 68000

    Jan 14, 2007
    I've been class president for 3 years (now senior class president) so I should be able to help. (Sorry this is going to be lengthy)

    First there are some things you just have to accept...
    What i can tell you is that no one is happy with your work no matter how hard you work. High Schoolers are ignorant and selfish and don't appreciate much, so you kind of have to live with that. Also, being an underclassman, any fundraiser is not likely to be as successful as doing it as a senior. Underclassmen have less school spirit and upperclassmen don't always want to associate with underclassmen.

    High Schoolers are also stingy. They say they don't want to pay for things, but in reality they will. I usually remind them that it's usually their parents that pay for these things (at least that is how it is here).

    The best fundraisers are the ones that cost very little to nothing to put on. That way you have no risks. When selling things preorders work best. In this case it doesn't take money to make money. Once you have a nice foundation of money things get easier.

    Here are some successful events I've organized:
    - Cheesecake & cookie dough fundraiser:
    Basically like girl scout cookies only cheesecake & cookie dough. Hand out the order forms to students and they'll buy it. Offer a reward to the top sellers. We did this sophomore year and made about $900 off of it.

    - Local Restaurants Dinner Fundraisers:
    Many restaurants will give you a cut of everyone's bills if on a specific night if you get them to go. For example we've had a couple at Friendly's (I don't know if you have those where you are) and we get 15% of the total income that night which ended up being between $400 and $500 each time. Pick a good restaurant that kids like and is affordable. Encourage sports teams to have their team dinners at the restaurants. Also encourage staff and family to come. The Friendly's we use is close by, easily accessible, and next to an airport so loads of people go through anyways.

    - Dodgeball, Ultimate Frisbee, Badminton, and Volleyball Tournaments:
    These are excellent fundraising events. Hype it up (3 weeks before the event, any earlier people may lose interest), people will get excited. Make up a set of rules, have sign up sheets for teams, charge $5.00 per team member. Have a prize for the winners and best uniforms. Then charge $2 or $3 for spectator admission. Get some cool teachers to be the refs and make up a bracket. We also sold commemorative t-shirts. At our dodgeball tournament a couple months ago we brought in $2800 and there are less than 750 students in my school. It's a bit of work but its completely worth it, a lot of fun, and really brings the school together.

    As for the brackets make all the freshman play the freshman, sophs play the sophs, and so on. Then have the champion freshman play the champion juniors. Then have the champion sophomores play the Seniors. In theory this will make for an exciting Junior versus Senior Team... unless it was like my event where the sophomore team beat the seniors (!).

    -School Apparel:
    This one is really easy and you make a lot of money. My school doesn't have a school store so this is very lucrative. Come up with a design for some school apparel- t-shirts, Class of 20XX shirts, sweatshirts, pants, etc. Talk to a local screen printer and get a quote. Make up and order form and get them distributed. In the past we've made anywhere from $600 to $2000 doing this.

    -School Golf Umbrellas:
    Parents love these. I think ours cost $15.00 or so and we sold them for $20.00. They were the school colors with mascott and school name. Think about all the parents who sit out in the rain to watch their kids lacrosse, football, soccer, field-hockey, baseball, etc games.

    These are a real good way to make money. Just make sure you follow proper procedure. Your school probably has rules about raffles and there are most likely state rules about them. We never do them because they are a pain because you have to get authorization from administration and the town with proper documents.

    Also remember that even if you make $200 with a fundraiser, that's good. Any little bit helps. The money from little fundraisers adds up quickly.

    Be sure to advertise every way possible. Ay my school no one reads posters. If you have morning announcements of the intercom use that. Also if you have advisory/homeroom give out flyers for the teachers. Additionally if you can put up ads on the school website that is a great way to get the appeal of parents.

    Good luck and PM me if you have any questions.
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    Jan 13, 2008
    yes i do understand that, but there hasn't been very much $$ raised this year and even my friends say they want like a party or something. Normaly this kinda drama stuff don't bother me.:D
  8. iSaint macrumors 603


    May 26, 2004
    South Mississippi y'all, near the water!
    Check out Jubilations Cheesecakes. Potential profit of $10 per cake. Very high quality product. Tell 'em Nick sent ya!
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    Feb 20, 2009
    East of Lyra, Northwest of Pegasus
    Oh wow, I love Jubliations. I loved living right down the road from them for years. A few of the local restaurants served them as deserts, and they were great.

    As for fundrasiers...Umm, have the cheerleaders do a car wash? That could be popular, at least with most guys in the school. And dirty old men.

    Oh hey, there is Chris Hansen and he wants to talk to me. :D
  10. Mr. Giver '94 macrumors 68000

    Mr. Giver '94

    Jun 2, 2008
    I'm in charge of fundraising for the Freshman class and the most successful things we've sold this year have been Cinnabon cinnamon rolls, cotton candy, and Jamba Juice/Robeks smoothies. We made between $200-$950 per fundraiser, so we've been pretty profitable.

    Hope this helps! :)

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