High Sierra with MSI GeForce GT 730 Video

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by YourBasicBob, Oct 17, 2017.

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    Jun 2, 2015
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    Being cautious and not really trusting High Sierra yet, I installed High Sierra (HS) on a new 1TB drive. When It finished I had one of two monitors working. As far as I can determine, HS does not see the installed MSI GeForce GT 730 graphics card.

    It attempts to put both of my monitors on a NVIDIA GeForce GT120 card. This results in the monitor that is actually connected to the GT120 card to almost work, and the monitor (which is really a TV with an HDMI input) has a essentially a black screen with some light grey menu text at the top.

    When I started System Preferences and selected Monitors the small windows that popped up had both monitors listed as connected to the GT120. (??) I have tried for a new driver for the GT 730, but there is none listed on MSI's site.

    The Menu text at the top of the screen is all smeared on the working monitor as well, as there is no apple icon etc. I have booted back into Sierra on my standard drive to try to find a solution. When I move a window on the monitor connected to the GT120 which sort of works, I see flashing and small fragments of the window show up on the GT730 monitor.

    My mac is a 2009 Mac Pro, that thinks it is a 2010 Mac Pro ( I had to flash it to get Sierra to load), with 24 GB RAM. I have four drives installed, two 1 TB drives, one 500 GB SSD, and one 2 TB drive I use for Time Machine backup.

    I am used to Macs just working, so I do not have any idea how to point HS to the GT730. Maybe it is the fact that my Mac Pro even flashed to look like a 2010 MP actually cannot run High sierra? Any ideas?
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    Jun 2, 2015
    Roswell, New Mexico
    UPDATE: So here is what I have done.
    1. I opted to reload High Sierra on to the brand new 1TB drive. This took ~30 minutes.

    2. When it rebooted and came up to the enter your password screen, both monitors showed the HS desktop, only fuzzy like it does until you enter the password. I did that.

    3. The left monitor, connected to the GT730 went black, the right monitor, connected to the GT120 was mostly there. The Apple icon was a dot or two, the WiFi icon, Spot Light icon and the Popup Notifications and calendar icon were all black dots. Not recognizable at all. The left monitor would display flashes of any window I moved around on the right monitor. In the upper left corner was a small rectangle filled with colored dots.

    4. Called Apple. Worked with the rep, but I could not seem to explain the problem. She thought I couldn't boot the computer, eventually I managed to get her to understand. She wanted me to boot into the diagnostic mode, the MP refused to do so and kept booting HS.

    5. The Apple rep then turned me over to her upper level support. This woman told me that because I was using an external drive HS might not work. I then explained that it was an internal drive.

    She asked me if I installed the drive and when I answered yes, she told me that because the drive was not installed by an Apple Authorized Service Center they could not support me. I asked her if she knew what a Mac Pro was, she said yes. I said that the Mac Pro was designed to allow the user to install hard drives and video cards.

    She then said that High Sierra would not run on my 2009 Mac Pro. I asked her if the software would install if that were true. She said that was correct, it would not install. I then asked her if that were true, why did High Sierra install anyway. She reiterated that it would not work on a 2009 MP. We looped until I became angry and hung up on her.

    6. I popped open the MP and I installed another GT120 Video card. Disconnected the monitor that was connected to the GT730 and connected it to the GT120. (I did this because it appeared that HS was spreading my desktop over both monitors on the one card. It only has 512mb of RAM, so I concluded that it might have worked if there was more video RAM. So, as I had another GT120, I decided to install it and see if one card per monitor would work better.)

    7. Booted the MP and was presented with the two monitors showing me the HS desktop, all fuzzy, while it waited for my password.

    8. Entered my password and both desktops were displayed, correctly, all graphics were fine, and as far as I can tell with about an hour with it, it seems to be running as it should.

    So it seems that a 2009 MP that was flashed to run Sierra last year, that gets flashed again by the High Sierra OS before it installs, will actually work on my 2009 MP. It just will not recognize the GT730 video card. So I guess I live with the two GT120's for now. Not really a problem. I installed the GT730 hoping I would speed up graphics when I used 123 Design for modeling items to be 3D printed, that did not happen anyway, so nothing lost.

    I hope someone struggling with a similar problem finds this helpful.
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    Oct 24, 2017
    if use gt 730 ddr3 128bit it work on sierra but not work on high sierra
    if use gt 730 ddr5 64bit it work all sierra and high sierra
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    Jun 2, 2015
    Roswell, New Mexico
    Thank You HackintoshTH, at least I now know why it would not work. I have the 4GB DDR3 GT730. It appears that the RAM is soldered to the board and there is not an upgrade path. Good old Apple threw me a curve by obsoleting my graphics card in High Sierra. But then in their defense they told me High Sierra would not run on my 2009 (2010) Mac Pro so there should have been no issue. I guess I either stay on Sierra, or live with the GT120's for now. Maybe I can find the DDR5 board somewhere, or something better maybe.
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    Feb 1, 2014

    yo tengo una historia parecida con un macbook 4.1 instale de forma nativa MAVERIKS funciono todo menos la gráfica intel x3100.les demostré que se podía y que era un sistema fluido y estable conseguí resolución pero no aceleración.
    Después de muchos email lo tuve que dejar por que me mandaban a la M esta gentecilla de apple.
    yo no flasee el mac por que no hace falta tan solo tienes que coger un USB instalas clover luego con clover configurator en SMBIOS le dices el mac que quieres después borras el archivo boot después arrancas tu mac y aprietas la tecla ALT para elegir el USB que acabas de crear y des pues el disco de arranque que quieras y en propiedades del sistema comprobaras que tienes el mac elegido y cuando apagues todo vuelve a su origen.
    como ves no tienes que flasear ni poner en riesgo nada

    también querría comentar que borrando AppleIntelFramebufferCapri.kext ubicado en SISTEMA/LIBRERIA/EXTENSIONES la hd3000 funciona al 100x100
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    en este enlaces tienes la solución a tu nvidia


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