High Tech Halloween ideas?


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Jun 13, 2004
Ontario, Canada
I'm thinking that this Halloween, I want to put up some interesting high-tech decorations. I was hoping to use my Mac Mini and my Airport Express (AirTunes, more specifically) somehow to create some sort of scary display.

I have a small window near my front door that I was thinking of mounting an LCD screen in, and playing scary video clips or something.

Alternatively, it would be cool to hook up my Airport Express to some speakers, and have the Mac mini do voice commands (text to speech) over the speakers.

I'm not sure how any of this might work, and I'd love to have some input and ideas.



May 16, 2006
Step 1: Put some speakers near your front door (as loud as possible)
Step 2: Buy/rent a smoke machine
Step 3: Send me your mini, LCD and airport express
Step 4: Do something scary with the speakers and smoke detector

Blue Velvet

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Jul 4, 2004
Is there any app which will play live text to speech through AirTunes?

In advance, you could use the Text to Audio AppleScript to convert a whole bunch of TextEdit documents to AIFF using the voice of your preference, then if you've got an audio app you might able to do a little post-processing to make them really spooky.

Then import/convert them into iTunes and then you can AirTunes to your heart's content. Good thing about it, is it's free. :)


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Mar 7, 2006
Stick an LCD panel in a pumpkin and play different coloured lights on the LCD> As well as that, get a few tracks etc in itunes and play them over air tunes into the speakers like a witch's cackel.
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