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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by fivetoadsloth, Feb 2, 2007.

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    Aug 15, 2006
    Well, I do alot of work in photoshop and Bryce, Photoshop as It was very common, and bryce as it is what i can afford. I am in a CAPA visual art class, Capa is the advanced art prgram at my school, and i showed my art teacher some of my stuff. I am a freshman. Well she sent to me to the graphic art teacher, who said ican be in her "3 rd year Graphic art class" (The first tewo years are basics in photoshop and illustrator, which i have taught meself) Well the class I am going to be in next year, besides being a the sophmore in a pond of senoirs, is focusing on video editing with Adobe Premiere Final Cut Express/Pro and Avid. I plan on pursuig a career in animation and wonder if my money is betterspent, at this stage getting animation software such as maya and cinema4d or getting editting software like those mentioned above. I use mayas student learning addition but all my renders have the student edition watermark, so i dont use it that often.
    Any opinions thanks alot.

    PS. Could someone critique this: Table Top My most recent creation.
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    I would say pursue what you like the best, if it's Maya, then work toward that. Animation and Editing are 2 different courses of study but it can't hurt to know both since they are related.

    Yes, Maya is very pricey, maybe stick with the PLE until you very very sure that's what you want. Cinema4d is a better deal if you want to keep the price down. Keep in mind that Maya (and most other 3D packages, Maya being the hardest) takes years to get good at, but you are young and have a great start from what I can see.

    Here's a few links for Maya training and tutorials if you are interested.




    Nice render BTW. ;)

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    Thanks alot of the input. Yeah I looked around a bit and saw that, like most software, they are pricey. (One reason i like bryce) But i plan on pursuing a career in that alley and didnt know which provides the most options, or is best to get familiar with. I was leanind towards cinema 4d as ai can use the maya ple for a while and can make up my mind than. Thanks again, more imput is highly apreciated.
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    totally cool
    This is a great program and i think it may have a free demo.


    Its like a 3D sculpting tool.
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    Thanks i looked at it, looks amazing, however I didnt see a demo and it isnt available for macs. Thanks alot though!
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    Cinema4d would be a better place to start but don't stop playing with and looking at the PLE. The 2 programs from my pov


    Less than half the price of Maya

    One of the easier 3D programs to get into and work. No 3D program is easy but Cinema4d is easier to work with than most.

    A excellent set of features.



    Well organized but complex with a massive learning curve.

    An excellent set of features. On the surface many 3D programs will list similar features to Maya, there's lots of buzz words that all the programs like to claim. Where Maya is different that offers very very deep control and flexibly. It has a very deep User Interface but it goes well beyond that. Another way to work in the program is through nodes or small modular building blocks. Because of this modular construction the interconnectivity is unlimited, just about anything can be connected to anything else. At an even deeper level it's an open source program that can be rewritten and modified at will, within the program. As you work in it there is window (if you open it) that spills out everything thing you do as code. You can grab, edit or write code and start building small functions, complete tools or even full-on sub programs with Maya. This is why most all the high end effects you see in movies are done in Maya, if the program doesn't have the effect they are looking for they can create their own within the program. The movie makers often get help from the people at Maya to create advancements to the program. The trade off is that Maya will get these advancements later down the line. I could go on... ;)


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