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    I love the Hipstamatic app but I've ran into a problem and hoping someone may have an answer to this. Anyways, I've restored my phone and all, when loading back up my Hipstamatic app I seemed to have lost all my pictures in the actual "Hipstamatic folder" within the app. However, I did do a back up so I was able to put the hipsta photos back into my native camera roll/photo library on my homescreen.

    Is there anyway I can take the hipsta photos that are saved in my actual photo library back into the hipstamatic library within the app? I've tried SSH and doesn't seem to work when I put the photos into the directory, they do not appear. I'm trying to make a stack and order my prints and would really hate to have lost the chance considering I have lots of good photos that I would like to print/purchase but they are not in the actual hipstamatic app directory.

    Any help or suggestions/advice is much appreciated, Thank you!
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    Lost hipstamatic photos

    PLEASE HELP! If anyone knows about the problem above. I change the phone and am having the same issues above. How can I put my photos back into Hipstmatic roll?
    Thanks :(

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