History Repeating... (humor, take with salt)

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by darwiniandude, Mar 25, 2008.

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    Mar 20, 2008
    From Apple Confidential 2.0 book I'm reading...

    "When the first volume shipments began ......... Approximately 20% ....... dead on arrival ....... Those that did work often failed after minimal useage thanks to Jobs' insistence that the ........ would not have a fan .....he reasoned..... The aluminium chassis would conduct heat and keep the delicate components cool. He was wrong. Compounding the problem was that Jobs dictated the size and shape of the case without concern for the demands of the electrical engineers, who were then forced to cram boards into small spaces with little or no ventilation. As the computer was used, its chips got hot, .............. At which point the computer simply died."

    Apple III, 1981


    Please don't flame, I'm just about to buy an Air, I'm in love with the thing, and I'm prepared to swap a few if needed till I get one that doesn't have issues. I have sold my Trusty MBP for the love of air....

    Just found the above in that book today, and thought some things were familiar :) The ...'s are where i'ved removed references to chips physically popping out, or mentioning the Apple III by name, etc.

    Much has changed, much hasn't I guess. :)

    BTW, the Apple III was 2Mhz, twice as fast as the Apple II!
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    Yes, but the philosophy hasn't changed. The thing is that Jobs is perceptive enough to see that the majority of undemanding buyers who don't actually know what they're buying will be more preoccupied with how the thing looks, how well it fits into their decor / lifestyle and how it doesn't patronise the ignorant than how well it works - as long as it works more or less OK.

    He has an uncompromising attitude to eye candy and the psychology of selling, not solid products - and at one time or another, all of us on this board has fallen for it. It's no surprise that Apple turned out its best-engineered (but arguably least 'wow') products when not under Jobs leadership.

    Oh yes, I'm being humorous too.
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    Would you have it any other way?
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    Mar 20, 2008
    everyone involved has shaped this industry, jobs more than many.

    I feel the MBA is just suffering from REV A issues... They should have waited for the next round of chips maybe. As some claim the air is fine, no core shutdowns, I'll take my chances and buy one but I'm not going to keep it if I have to undervolt the CPU to stop it throttling whilst watching you tube. If I can't get a working one I'll live with a compromise like an eee pc or mac mini at home till rev b comes out. After using the air, I have no desire to lug a MBP around. And as for some of my friends' giant heavy plastic laptops, urgh that is horibly un portable.

    I miss my 12" PowerBook :(

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