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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by thadoggfather, Jul 16, 2010.

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    Showing videos of 9700, the Eris and Omnia II dropping bars is absurd. Youtube signal drop of these phones, you won't see many (if any reports of it).

    blaming an issue that only pertains to iPhone 4 on the whole cell phone industry and algorithms is equally absurd. "Look, one bar is taller than before 4.0.1, now ****." Also downplaying it as an issue with a small number of users is ridiculous. If this were the case (as it is with a lot of Apple products and minor issues for a minority of people), there would not have been an event to address it.

    Also, free bumpers is nice same with a full refund. But being "re-evaluated on September 30" indicates it's not a long term solution and little more than a "band aid" Apple claims they hate to employ so they are making the customers happier.

    I love iPhone 4, and I use it with a case so it doesn't matter much (a thin TPU case with electrical tape in that area eliminates the problem or that thick PixelSkin case without electrical tape). I'm not going to return it nor do I care much but from a PR standpoint, I would say a slightly lukewarm response if that and that's being generous.

    Saying "we love our customers repeatedly" is a weak argument. You love their wallets, we know it, you know it. Now go back on vacation in Hawaii, Steve.

    Blaming it on the cellphone industry, meh. How about adding Verizon to eliminate that argument, too?

    Just because you have herpes doesn't mean the world has herpes.

    How about this, too: release an official unlock on top of the bumper and I will do backflips for you. I want to use my iphone 4 in europe in the fall. Luckily, it will probably be ready by then.
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    So YouTube is your primary source of info. Good job. No one posts videos of BlackBerrys, Samsungs, etc. because the iPhone 4 is more popular and generates more hits.

    It is a small, tiny issue that only affects a limited number of people. This is PRESS conference. This addresses the PRESS (or media). Not you. Otherwise it would be a regular Apple event. Like the September Media event.
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    Jul 12, 2008
    Try some other phones on for size.

    * Samsung I9000 Galaxy S:

    * HTC Evo Signal Attenuation:

    * Samsung Galaxy 1:

    * Samsung Galaxy 2:

    * Droid Incredible:

    * Droid Incredible (With Network Extender in Room):

    * Nexus One:

    * Nexus One vs. iPhone (start at 1:29):

    * Nexus One:

    * Nexus One (after Google's update to correct):

    * Nexus One:

    * Android G1:

    * "Major signal degradation when Nexus One is picked up" (N1 Thread on On this Problem):
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    Oh wow I stand corrected! thanks for those links.
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    Jun 24, 2010
    so glad this is coming to light finally, the media needs to cool their shoes on ripping up the iphone

    i guess it's hard when there's nothing wrong with a phone that when you find something you have to blow it up

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