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    My son was trying to help me sync some music from my iMac (running Mavericks) to my android phone in DOUBLETWIST and he accidentally says he selected the phone and hit "Ignore this Device" and this was obviously a mistake. How can we undo this so the mac can see my phone again?? I am very frustrated at this point and need your help.


    This phone also does not show up in Image capture. I also have another identical phone and when I connect it, that phone automatically shows up in image capture.

    Update, I was able to get it to show up in image capture but it still does not show up in the double twist program that it was originally "forgotten" from. Still need help on this.
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    YAAAAAA I have fixed my own problem!!!!!

    I am using this program called DOUBLE TWIST and to get the program to NOT ignore the phone anymore you go into the top menu DOUBLETWIST and hit PREFERENCES then DEVICES and you will see that it says on the bottom of the small window "1 ignored device" with a reset button next to it. Hot the button and then it will say "0 ignored devices" then reset the Airplay in double twist and the phone will show back up!!!

    WHY they hid this button is BEYOND Me.
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    YEEAAARS LATER (think) (Courage the cowardly dog) someone. (myself) found this a GREAT SOLUTION!!! BANG ;-) ! 71914, all is not lost.

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