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    Is anyone familiar with this software? My company uses it for remote access to our "blades" - HP WinXP boxes centrally sited that act as desktops for all of us.

    It's a Java app that runs on any device with Java, so we can use it from our Macs to get in to remotely access our Win machines. It normally works well and is 100% effective through Chrome, Safari or Firefox on my iMac (Lion.)

    However, when I updated my rMBP to ML, weirdness began -- Chrome stopped working (Safari still works,) the app periodically stops detecting Java's existence (it throws up a "missing JVM" message but still works, so the JVM is obviously operative) and just recently the cursor responsiveness is laggy and annoying. This is all on the rMBP, the iMac instance works perfectly 100% of the time.

    I tried changing to different resolutions, restricting to the discrete graphics / integrated graphics using gFXcardstatus, no difference. This happens regardless of the quality of the network connection - hardwired to ethernet using the adapter or wireless, doesn't matter.

    Of course our company provides no support ("we only support windows remote access, the mac solution is on your own" - gee thanks guys) - so I'm throwing this out to the greater audience.

    Any ideas?
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