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Dec 19, 2004
Well, there's no perfect forum for this. I figured the Apple Collectors are the most likely to have tried this.

I've recently come across an old hockey puck style Mac mouse I had stored away. I figured I'd screw around with it in Window. I'm looking for a good solution for the lack of a right click.

I've tried the context menu key plus click. While it works. It places the context menu in the upper left corner of my screens. Which is a real annoyance with triple monitors. Sometimes it appears where it should others in the corner.

It's also cumbersome as the context menu key is on the right hand of the keyboard. Which is a pain for right handed mouses. I'd also like to use my Apple keyboard which has no context menu key.

Without further adieu. Has anyone come across a good solution to use these old mice on a modern Windows system. One which will allow me to use with an old Apple keyboard. Hopefully ctrl + click as on a Mac.

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Dec 12, 2002
Without special drivers, Apple single-button mice are just single-button mice. And Windows has no built-in way of accessing "right-click" on a single button mouse.

Apple's Boot Camp drivers allow ctrl-click to work as right click, and I'm sure there is some third party utility that duplicates that functionality, but nothing I know of built in to Windows. Windows has been designed with two-button mice in mind since Windows 95. Apple was pretty much the last company to make a single-button mouse, and even they switched to multi-button (Mighty Mouse) by the time of the switch to Intel CPUs that would allow for native Windows booting. (Although they still had a single-button trackpad on their laptops, necessitating the ctrl-click through Boot Camp.)


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Aug 31, 2003
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Is there a reason you'd even want to use one of those atrocious creations? I can totally see people wanting one to complete a vintage setup of the original iMac, but for a more modern setup?


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Feb 1, 2013
What I liked about that mouse was that it emphasized the proper way to use a mouse; holding it between thumb and pinky or ring finger and using those fingers to move the mouse. I've seen so many people rest their whole hand on the larger mice move their whole arm. It drive's me batty. I thought the puck was great ergonomically. Way better than the current magic mouse.
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