Holiday shopping tips.

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    You would think all of these would be common sense. They are not.

    Keep all of your valuables out of sight in your vehicle when left unattended. This includes sat. radios and gps units. If you choose to leave these two items in your vehicle all of time, engage their password protection if equipped.
    Put all purchases in your trunk and engage the seat locks (if equipped) and disable the push button trunk release in the passenger compartment if you can. Thieves have figured out that people keep their Christmas presents in their trunks, so make it as hard as possible for them to gain access. Never leave book bags, back packs, purses, etc. in your vehicle at any time. They will steal the bag and figure out what’s in it later. Don’t give them a reason to break into your vehicle and you won’t have a problem.

    Before you wrap your electronic gifts write down the serial number and model. This will aid in a possible recovery if they are stolen. Remember the serial number will be on the device itself, not the box. Also write down the serial number on bicycles. These get stolen all of the time post Christmas and it makes it very difficult to prove ownership if the bike is located.

    Always lock your vehicle. Some people believe they would rather leave their vehicle unlocked just to prevent a thief from breaking the glass. This is just stupid.
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