Home before others?



No, it's a staging location

Originally posted by tubescan7777
notice the time same time but home is already updated lets hope this is the case on mondy so we can se the latest prodects first, mabye. just a hope.
Don't get your hopes up. The site's configured so that any 404 displays the "lost" page. Also, since Directory Indexing is turned off, those 403's also go to that page. The only reason the home directory shows up right now is because there is an index.html page there to prevent a 403. Were it not there, you'd have no way of knowing. It just looks like they're using that as a temporary staging area before copying the file over into production.


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Nov 1, 2001
i realize that

thats exactly what i am saying it is an area where the conent for the main page goes before thay update index.html in the case that is. but what is to say the same will not be true on monday where the updates fror the index.html will show up first on home? just my little hope and now that i said this it probly won't happen.


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