Home Button Issue


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Jun 18, 2007
Philly, PA
Good Morning All,

I did a quick search on this and didn't see any matching threads, so I figured I would post and see if anybody might also be experiencing what I am.

First of all, picked my iPhone up on launch day and I love it. This is my first smartphone and it has a few shortcomings, but nothing that can't easily be fixed with a software update.

Anyway, my issue is that my Home button doesn't seem to be as responsive as it was when I first got my iPhone. 70% of the time I press the Home button and it takes me to the home screen. However, about 30% of the time I have to hit the Home button multiple times - up to 4 to get it to go back to the Home screen.

I played with it to see if there is anything I am doing that might actually be causing it to hang (i.e. transfering data, etc), but there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it.

Anybody else have this issue? I am thinking of going and having it looked at at an Apple store, but I thought I would check with the masses to see what people think.