Home button issues - software or hardware-based?

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by murdercitydevil, Aug 22, 2011.

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    Feb 23, 2010
    As we all know the iPhone 4 is notorious for home button problems, jailbroken or not. My question is this - has anyone determined whether it's a hardware problem or a result of jailbreaking and, I'm sure in most JBers cases, installing Activator? The reason I ask is because every time I've had to restore and re-jailbreak, I got the feeling that the home button was much more responsive during the minimal amount of time that I used my phone un-jailbroken. It's only after installing all my old JB apps/addons (including Activator) that I notice the issue returns. The multi-tasking tray lags, a single press is often registered as a double-press, a double-press usually results in a long hold, sometimes nothing happens at all, etc etc. Just wondering if it's definitely a question of bad hardware, in which case I may try to get my phone replaced by Apple, since it really is getting pretty bad. On that note, would apple replace my phone out of the initial 1 year warranty based on this home button problem? I originally bought a launch-day iP4 but had it replaced with a refurb about 3 months later for a poorly glued glass back which clicked. Thanks in advance.
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    If your home button isn't as responsive when it's not JB then it must be the stuff you installed to make your phone sluggish. If your home button isn't working at all then it must be hardware problem.
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    Wrong. The "temperamental home button" is a known issue affecting also non-JB devices:


    I personally alleviated the problem somewhat by using a "home button protector" which came with my iP4 case and is basically a rubber button that I stuck on the iphone home button and it now works much better, although sometimes still registers single clicks as double clicks and vice versa.

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