Home folder appears empty within Boot Camp


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Aug 14, 2006
Here's my setup:

Mac Pro (early 2009), 8 core
Bay 1: OS X drive - 10.6.2
Bay 2: Boot Camp drive (Windows XP SP3, running Boot Camp drivers v3.0)
Bay 3: Storage drive (HFS+ formatted)

When I boot into Windows, my OS X drive is perfectly viewable, except that the /Users/username folder appears to be completely empty... if I manually type a path (such as D:\Users\username\Desktop or D:\Users\username\Downloads) then the contents will show up perfectly, but when navagating to the D:\Users\username, Windows shows that folder as empty...

I'm running just the Boot Camp 3.0 drivers (i.e. no Macdrive), but I also have VMWare Fusion 3.0 installed on my OS X drive, with my Boot Camp partition set up as a virtual machine... could this be masking the folder contents from Windows?


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Dec 22, 2009
So do I ! Please give the fix ! That's the way forum goes generally !

EDIT : found a solution here. Gonna test it right now !

The solution is basically deleting a file (which must be hidden so use a tweak to enable all files in the Finder, or use a Terminal).

The minor problem is that using X11 will recreate the file. My question as a brand new Mac user is : what makes you use X11 (except launching it explicitely) ?

EDIT2 : absolutely working !

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