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    Hi all.

    I have just replaced my 500Gig hard drive with SSD. In lue of the fact of re-downloding all data, Apps etc, from scratch, the fact everthing still is intact in this HD from when it was being used internally, could i somehow just copy my home folder across to the SSD once i install the OS on it?

    What about keychain? I searchg and found .asn files, but i dunno weather these copied over would work.

    I know re-diwnloading again, clean. Configration would be better, but i wanna try and take a "short cut" by just moving from external to internal, sunce they both share the same folders sctructure.

    Or is 'hidden' (locked) folders used by the OS the main problem?
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    You can use Carbon Copy Cloner for this, free up until 3.4.7, you need to read how to use it first though.

    It isn't that hard, if you select the HD as source and the new SSD as target you need to uncheck all boxes except your home folder, and best leave the main /Library Folder checked as well.

    But, for this to work you need to startup from the old HD in an external case first, otherwise you will get conflicts since if you startup from the SSD some files can not be copied because they are in use.

    Edit: I'll post a screenshot shortly.

    Your old HD needs to be the source on the left pane and the SSD on the right pane.

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