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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by mlody, Mar 10, 2013.

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    I have successfully ripped all the movies that I wanted to have shared between my ipad's and Apple TV's.
    My next project is to work on my home videos which I have a little over 500 so far. I have tried to and was successfully add new home videos to iTunes home videos library; however, when I access the same library from ipad or Apple TV my home movies are mixes with regular movies. Is there a way to separate regular movies from home made movies when using libraries on iOS devices?
    I noticed that Apple TV has an option to browse movies by genres, so this could be a quick workaround as I could tag all my home movies as such, but iPad unfortunately does not give me an option to do the same. I do not believe I am the only one that has 200-250 regular movies and same or double of home movies - I just do not see a reason why they are all mixed together when using iPad or Apple TV?
    Any idea how to organize this?
    Thank you
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    The "Home Movies" section in iTunes just showed up recently, with 11.0 I believe. The iOS and ATV do just mix them together with the Movies section, hopefully that's something that will be changed in future software releases.

    In the meantime, one possible work-around is to put in a "Sort Name" on your home videos that has an asterisk in front of it (see attached). The names will display normally, but the asterisk ensures that they appear after all your normal movies when viewed on iOS.

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    You have two ways you can do this.
    1. create play lists in Itunes for your home movies.
    2. If you have Iphoto, add the home movies to Iphoto, then go into Itunes and click on the box that says share pictures and video. Select your entire photo library including video.
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    Switch the tag from Home Movies to TV Shows. Use the Artist & Show tag to call them all something like "Home Movies" and they'll appear like episodes of a TV show called Home Movies.

    Bonus tips...

    Use the Season tag for the year in which they were shot and your new "TV Show" will organize all your home movies by year.

    Use a 4-digit date for Episode ID for month & day (0102, 0315, 1112, 1225, etc) they were shot and and you can sort them in iTunes into the order they were shot during the year. Then use the Episode Number to tag that sort chronologically and they'll display in the :apple:TV in this same order.

    Lastly, be sure to take good advantage of the "Description" field so that you know the content of what could be many home movies with a same or similar name.

    These latter tips make it easy to find the right home movie instead of guessing at 10+ home movies that might all have the same name: Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, <kid's name> Birthday, etc.

    I've tried it every way and found using the TV Shows tag seems to be the very best way to segregate them from regular movies and get them thoroughly organized by year, month & day.
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    Thank you all for the great tips! This is awesome. I will do some trial and test to see what works the best for me, but I can already see that the combination of the above trips and tips will do it for me.
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    Or you can batch tag them correctly using something like Subler to add all the metadata.
  7. dgalvan123 macrumors 6502a

    Feb 16, 2008
    Good tips! Thanks!

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